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Looking for someone to play at your next event? Check out our SoundCloud page and see what we have to offer, we're happy to play just about any gig! Just shoot us an email:


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About Us

The Tenants

Alex and Steve happen to be coworkers who talked a lot about guitars, and decided talking wasn't fun enough, so they took it LIVE. You can usually find them at random places around the Lansing area with a couple acoustics and a mic, goofing around and playing lots of 90's covers with some old and new sprikled in for good measure.

Alex Novak

This guy's been playing guitar since he was 10 years old, and hasn't really slowed down since then. Ask him anything about punk rock, and he's guaranteed to know the answer, and could probably teach you a thing or two. Alex has been known to throw down quite a few impressive ad-libbed guitar solos, and although Steve would love for him to do some backup vocals as well, his voice is too low-pitched for humans to hear. Fun fact: Alex can type at 160 words per minute. Are you kidding me?

Steve Elgas

Although he tends to be soft-spoken, Steve has been performing music in one way or another since the 6th grade, and loves to entertain. When he's not tinkering with guitars, he's usually shopping for more sound equipment, because there can never be enough! In addition to vocals, Steve handles rhythm guitar, and can do a spot-on impersonation of Alex's voice. Fun fact: Steve only types at 140 words per minute, but with fewer errors.